Courtesy of Paul Kasmin Gallery

Paul Kasmin

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Paul Kasmin grew up surrounded by artists and immersed in the art market. From a young age, he was exposed to the gallery industry; his father, known to many simply as Kasmin, owned a gallery in London in the 1960’s. Learning from his father’s innovative approach to displaying art in a modern space and pioneering artists such as Frank Stella and David Hockney, Paul carries this approach to his own gallery. With his inaugural exhibition, a selection of Brancusi photographs in 1988, the gallery has been in continuous operation since 1989. Paul is committed to supporting an ongoing intellectual and visual dialogue with influential modern and contemporary artists, representing several generations of internationally recognized artists working in a variety of media.

In addition to years of representing and cultivating the careers of important contemporary artists like Walton Ford, Nir Hod, Robert Indiana, Deborah Kass, Nyoman Masriadi, James Nares, Erik Parker, Iván Navarro, Mark Ryden, and Kenny Scharf, Paul also specializes in representing artists estates such as those of Arman, Constantin Brancusi, William N. Copley, Simon Hantai, and Francois-Xavier Lalanne.

In autumn of 1999, Paul’s gallery moved from its original home in SoHo to its current location on the corner of 10th Avenue and 27th Street in Chelsea. The second gallery location, located at 515 W. 27th Street, opened with its inaugural exhibition Ai Weiwei: Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads in November, 2011. Paul Kasmin Gallery publishes a variety of catalogues and monographs, participates in international art fairs and frequently presents outdoor public art projects.